The First Practical Handbook for Crazy People (Paperback)

Making the Best of Mental Illness

By Shelly Glaser, Sherry Glaser

Sheryl Glaser, 9780692764602, 114pp.

Publication Date: September 6, 2016



The Practical Handbook is a Tool Kit for anyone grappling with mental instability, as most of us are. Shelly and Sherry Glaser share deeply personal anecdotes and profound discoveries about the roots of the trauma that drove them crazy in the first place. This is a simple, direct, do it yourself, instructional on how to be happy and thrive even if you are crazy. Included in the back of The Handbook is a 4 part questionaire created by Shelly Glaser that with proper administration is a valuable tool for anyone lost, confused or wondering why they are here on earth, including basic themes of "Who are You?" "Why were you born?" and more.

The First Practical Handbook was written in 2009 by Shelly Glaser as a guide to mental health from someone with a life time diagnosis of Manic Depressive. Shelly died in 2010 of Renal Failure, but asked her daughter Sherry to publish post mortem. Sherry, busy with her big life as an actress, writer, political activist, mother and now grandmother could not resurrect the project till 2015 when she heard her mother's voice calling her to it. Instead of seeing this as a case of delusions she set about editing her mother's basic draft and then decided to add her own experience seeing that the mother daughter continuum was something that had not been explored especially in relatinship to hereditary mental illness. Throughout her life, Sherry had plenty of opportunities to go nuts, but she had cultivated skills, some by witnessing her mother's expertise, and medicines to help her not only stay sane, but to become a great success in life regardless of the Crazy insanity that sometimes surrounded her. The First Practical Handbook For Crazy People is their attempt to reach out to the world and help if feel a little bit better, and not so crazy after all.

Praise For The First Practical Handbook for Crazy People: Making the Best of Mental Illness

"Sherry and Shelly Glaser team up to bring an amazing work on living with mental illness. In her lifetime the elder Ms. Glaser compiled a wealth of strategies and tools that allowed her to live her best life. She offers them all to you, so that you too can live your best life." -- Lasara Firefox Allen, author of "Jailbreaking the Goddess", teacher and life coach, living with bipolar disorder.

"'The First Practical handbook for Crazy People' is a wonderful resource for all who are ready to let go of labeling themselves as mentally ill. We've all been wounded and we're all recovering. The old model of separating sick from healthy, crazy from sane, no longer works. We're all on this earth to love and accept ourselves. This book is the perfect gift for anyone who is on the path of healing and is ready for the support and guidance of two 'crazy ladies' who speak the truth." -- Jed Diamond, PhD, author of "The Enlightened Marriage: The 5 Transformative Stages of Relationships" and "Why the Best Is Still to Come".