Your Personal Wellness Cocktail (Paperback)

A Step-By-Step Guide to Mind, Body, and Soul Fitness

By Bri Jackson

Bgf Publishing, 9780692824443, 78pp.

Publication Date: January 5, 2017



Many of us have a good idea of what to do to get fit, lose weight, and change our body. It appears to be simple, right? Eat better, move more. No one likes to talk about the truth, which is that fitness is not one size fits all. Each body is different and, therefore, requires a different approach to achieve maximal results. What worked for my weight loss journey, or another's, might not work quite the same for you. However, if you have all of the pieces to the puzzle, then you can fit them together in a way that works well for your body. This is the concept behind Your Personal Wellness Cocktail. This is about strengthening your mind-body connection and creating lasting changes centered on your unique needs. Your Personal Wellness Cocktail is an invitation to stop the cycle of starting over, shed excess pounds, and keep them off for good. Readers will learn how digestive imbalance, energetic blockages, and micronutrient deficiencies hinder weight loss and wellness efforts, and explore a number of ways to effectively overcome those obstacles. Your Personal Wellness Cocktail includes a 14 Day Reset program to detox the body and identify personal abdominal irritants, a 14 Day do-it-yourself parasite cleanse, an introduction to simple Paleo eating, and emotional healing techniques that will help readers get cravings under control and implement sustainable lifestyle change.

About the Author

Bri Jackson is an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor (RYT-200), and wellness author. She became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor during her personal 90+ pound weight-loss journey, and now teaches others to take back their health one meal, one movement, and one meditation at a time. In 2016, Bri was honored as a finalist in Reebok and Well+Good's search for America's Most Inspiring Trainer for her work in the wellness community. She resides in Upstate New York with her husband and three children where she teaches group fitness and works with clients to implement holistic and sustainable lifestyle change. Learn more at