Conscious Marketing (Paperback)

How to Create an Awesome Business with a New Approach to Marketing

By Carolyn Tate

Wrightbooks, 9780730309642, 216pp.

Publication Date: May 18, 2015

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In the modern economy, businesses must have heart

The marketing industry is broken. Consumers are tired ofinterruption, push, mass media and the manipulation of marketingand advertising generally. They want to deal with honest, ethicalcompanies that have heart and purpose and that care about servingall their stakeholders instead of their pockets. ConsciousMarketing proves that marketing can really work if the paradigm isshifted--radically. In Conscious Marketing: How to Createan Awesome Business With a New Approach to Marketing, authorCarolyn Tate demonstrates just how beneficial this shift can be. Bypractising the four tenets of conscious marketing, companies canraise their brand's profile and attract customers for life. Thebook shows how building a business with a higher-purpose can leadto sustainability, profitability and industry leadership. Consciousmarketing works for both multinational corporations andcash-strapped small business alike.

In the modern market, a business that does well and contributesto the elevation of humanity and the planet attracts the bestcustomers, employees, suppliers and investors. These peopleevangelize, and the brand reach expands exponentially further andto a more loyal audience than traditional marketing will evercapture. This concept and other topics in the book include:

  • What's wrong with marketing and why it doesn't work
  • What "conscious" means to the consumer, business, leader andmarketer
  • The who, what, why and how of conscious marketing
  • Navigating the shift from traditional to consciouspractices

The book includes a three-part guide to crafting an actionableplan, including where to find help. Marketing doesn't have to bethe budgetary dead weight it has become. It can be fun, human andinspiring for everyone involved, but change requires a deep shiftin thinking and behaviour that goes way beyond the transaction orthe sale. To stay relevant in the modern economy, businesses mustshow what's at their core, why they do what they do and why itmatters. Conscious Marketing is a comprehensive guide tofixing the problem, with a sustainable solution.

About the Author

CAROLYN TATE is a speaker and educator and the founder of The Slow School of Business, a school dedicated to helping companies build purpose-driven and prosperous businesses that make the world a better place. Carolyn is also the author of Small Business Big Brand, Marketing Your Small Business For Dummies and Unstuck in Provence. Visit or