Programming Microsoft Visual C# (Paperback)

The Language

By Donis Marshall

Microsoft Press, 9780735621817, 675pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2006

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Get the essential, straightforward information you need to master the core capabilities of Visual C# 2005. Both new and experienced developers get expert guidance, hands-on programming instruction, and practical examples to help advance their proficiency in developing applications for Microsoft Windows and the Web.

Discover how to: Refine class usage with inheritance, polymorphism, and other strategiesImplement generics to define a type-safe data structure Work with stacks, queues, arrays, dictionaries, and other collectionsUse iterators to implement and standardize enumerator patternsKnow when to catch exceptions--and handle them locally or propagate themInterrogate metadata and facilitate late binding by using reflectionSynchronize threads with locks, events, mutexes, and other toolsUse the Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger and explore advanced debugging techniques and tools

Get code samples on the Web.

About the Author

Donis Marshall has over 20 years of experience in designing and building enterprise software utilizing Microsoft technologies for leading companies across industry segments. He is an endorsed trainer for Microsoft Global Learning Services, and has been training Microsoft developers and engineers for many years. Donis is the author of the Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2005, Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2008, and Solid Code, published by Microsoft Press.