Uncle Rabbit's Busy Visit (Hardcover)

By Christa Kempter, Frauke Weldin (Illustrator)

NorthSouth (NY), 9780735823204, 24pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2010




Sometimes a helper can help too much! 

When Uncle Rabbit comes to visit, he can’t find anything he likes—not Wallly’s wallpaper, not his curtains, not even his pillows—and Uncle Rabbit is determined to help. Before Wally can blink an eye, Uncle Rabbit is repapering the living room. Then he gets busy at the sewing machine making new curtains and cushions. He’s driving poor Wally crazy. And it doesn’t help one bit that Mae thinks Uncle Rabbit is wonderful.

About the Author

CHRISTA KEMPTER has been writing children s books since 1992. She also writes for German radio and television. She lives in Germany.FRAUKE WELDIN worked in a bookstore for many years. Inspired by the children s books she had been selling, she then studied illustration. She lives in Hamburg, Germany."

Praise For Uncle Rabbit's Busy Visit



Though the cover depicts a closer alliance than the story ever quite achieves, this take on compromise provides fuel for thought. When neatnik bunny Wally advertises an upstairs apartment for rent, Mae, a huge bear, shoves her way into the house, turns her room into a pigsty and cheerfully gobbles up Wally's carrot cakes. When Mae invites her many brothers over for a wild party a frustrated Wally at last tries to put his slipper-clad foot down-but instead is swept up in the dancing until he collapses. Tenderly put to bed by his tenant from hell, the next day Wally realizes that he had fun and hops upstairs to push Mae into cleaning up her act a bit. Genial Mae and sibs are appealingly shaggy, massive presences in Weldin's cleanly drawn scenes, and along with the humor inherent in the characters' size differential, young readers will appreciate how the lay of Wally's long ears so clearly telegraphs his ups and downs. The friction disappears a little too easily, but this isn't exactly The Odd Couple. -- Kirkus Reviews