The Star Child (Hardcover)

By J. And W. Grimm, Bernadette Watts (Illustrator)

NorthSouth (NY), 9780735823303, 24pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2010



There was once a young girl whose only possessions were the clothes on her back and a piece of bread some kind soul had given to her. But even these few things meant much to others less fortunate than herself, and in selfless love, the girl gave the little she had away. In this beautiful Grimm tale, her virtue is rewarded a thousand times over.

About the Author

JAKOB and WILHELM GRIMM got their stories from peasants and villagers, and sometimes form already-published works from other cultures. Jakob did much of the research; Wilhelm put the stories into literary form. BERNADETTE WATTS, known thro

Praise For The Star Child

Little Red Riding Hood (Kirkus)
My, what big talent she has!British artist Watts’s treatment of this Grimm Brothers favorite was first published in Europe in 1968. Now issued with a new (sadly uncredited) English translation, it will reach a contemporary American audience. The illustrator's detailed, richly colored pictures bear the influence of her mentor, Brian Wildsmith, and she demonstrates her mastery of the picture-book form as she juxtaposes characters across the gutter at strategic moments, employs fully saturated pages at some turns and spot art at others, all heightening reader’s focus and dramatic tension at key points. That said, even the inclusion of the oft-excluded scene in which the huntsman sews stones into the belly of the doomed wolf doesn’t push the story into terribly frightening graphic content. Earlier, both Grandma and Little Red are devoured offstage in the illustrations, and the four-picture sequence depicting the wolf getting his comeuppance is comical rather than gory. The old is new again here, and this is a welcome addition to the fairy-tale shelf.