Up and Away with the Little Witch (Hardcover)

By Lieve Baeten

NorthSouth (NY), 9780735840041, 32pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2011



When Trixie comes to visit, Lizzy, the Little Witch, decides to conjure up a magic carpet for them.

"Abracadabra, abracaduss,

Carpet, oh, carpet,

Fly away with us "

she chants, and PRESTO they're up and away on an all-night adventure

Fly with Lizzy and Trixie as they visit the Caravan Witch, the Boat Witch, and, most fantastic of all, the Balloon Witch.

About the Author

Lieve Baeten was born in Belgium in 1954. She gained international acclaim and numerous awards for books about the Little Witch. She died tragically in a car accident in 2001.

Praise For Up and Away with the Little Witch

Kirkus Reviews on The Curious Little Witch:

"Lizzy is a curious little witch, so when she is out flying one night, she can’t resist peeking through the open window of a peculiar little house. Into the attic she tumbles, breaking her broom. She follows the sounds of music downstairs, where she finds the Music Witch. “I can't fix broomsticks, I'm afraid,” says the Music Witch, so Lizzy follows her nose into the next room, where she finds the Kitchen Witch. This repetitive story is enlivened by three-quarter page-flaps readers can turn to advance the story and see two views of each remarkable room. It will surprise no one but satisfy all when Lizzy finds the Tinkering Witch in the basement and is finally able to leave “on her brand-new, rocket-powered broomstick.” A sweet import, ideal for budding architects."