Rosetta's Dress Mess (Paperback)

By Laura Driscoll, Random House Disney (Illustrator)

Random House Disney, 9780736428545, 128pp.

Publication Date: January 10, 2012



"Rosetta's Dress Mess" is the 23rd book in our Disney Fairies chapter book series, which features Tinker Bell's adventures with her fairy friends in Never Land.
Garden-talent fairy Rosetta likes one thing almost as much as her flowers pretty dresses She can never wait to check out the sewing-talent fairies' latest creations. When they decide to have a fashion show, the fairies even let Rosetta design a dress for it. She has so many wonderful ideas...until a conk on the head knocks her style sense right out of her Now Rosetta is wearing a lampshade as a hat and her favorite color is drab. Has she lost her fairy flair forever?