Fully Present (Paperback)

The Science, Art, and Practice of Mindfulness

By Susan L. Smalley, Diana Winston

Da Capo Lifelong Books, 9780738213248, 263pp.

Publication Date: July 13, 2010



Mindfulness--the art of paying attention with an open and curious mind to present-moment experiences--has attracted ever-growing interest and tens of thousands of practitioners, who have come to the discipline from both within and outside the Buddhist tradition. In Fully Present, leading mindfulness researchers and educators Dr. Sue Smalley and Diana Winston provide an all-in-one guide for anyone interested in bringing mindfulness to daily life as a means of enhancing well-being. Fully Present provides both a scientific explanation for how mindfulness positively and powerfully affects the brain and the body as well as practical guidance to develop both a practice and mindfulness in daily living, not only through meditation but also during daily experiences, such as waiting in line at the supermarket, exercising, or facing difficult news.

About the Author

Susan Smalley, PhD, is the founder and director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) at UCLA, bringing twenty years of experience as a professor and behavior geneticist to the emerging area of mindfulness research.Diana Winston, a former Buddhist nun who has been practicing mindfulness for twenty years, is the director of Mindfulness Education at UCLA's MARC. They each live in Southern California.

Praise For Fully Present: The Science, Art, and Practice of Mindfulness

Library Journal, 6/22/10
“Excellent. Fully Present offers one of the clearest introductions to mindfulness in the field.”

Publishers Weekly, 8/2/10
“The authors draw on their experience of bringing mindfulness to the masses and present the scientific side of mindfulness with an artful approach that results in a well-rounded synthesis accessible to scholars and laymen alike. Research studies, personal accounts, and practical applications illuminate mindfulness as a form of meditation; with activities as simple as breathing, listening, and walking, the practice can be easily incorporated into any lifestyle…Smalley and Winston will pique interest in living a completely present life, even if what that means has yet to be fully understood.” Cincinnati Parent, 8/13/10“[The authors’] collaboration in Fully Present draws on their expertise and experience in ways that readers can totally relate to…Take your time with this one. It's that good.” CurledUpWithAGoodBook.com, 10/14/10
“A comprehensive manual that explains in layman’s language not only the supporting science behind mindfulness, but also the art and the how-to…There are so many excellent reasons to develop mindfulness and an equal number of excuses for putting it off. Now that we have Fully Present as a gentle guide, we can no longer claim ignorance as one of those excuses.”

Mindful, January 2011
“Seamlessly combines easy-to-read reports on scientific research with first-person accounts and practice instructions…A lively read.”

Metapsychology Online Reviews, 12/13/10
“A good introduction for those who are not familiar with mindfulness and who would like a practical introduction to how it works, what it offers, and how to apply it in their lives.” “Talk of the Town,” WTVF (Nashville, CBS), 1/11/11“Enjoyable and useful.”


Inquiring Mind, Spring 2011
“An interesting book…Presents research findings in a splendidly organized, reader-friendly way.”

WanderingDhamma.org, 10/7/11 “This book offers practical guidance for those seeking to use mindfulness in a secular way to enhance their lives.”