A Practical Wedding Planner (Paperback)

A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating the Wedding You Want with the Budget You've Got (Without Losing Your Mind in the Proc

By Meg Keene

Da Capo Lifelong Books, 9780738218427, 256pp.

Publication Date: January 5, 2016



You just got engaged Or you've been engaged for a while but are finally sitting down to plan this party. Or maybe you haven't made anything exactly official yet, but you know you want to spend your lives together. Whichever it is, when you're ready to take a deep breath and start planning, this is the book you want--need--to have. Meg Keene has put together the (practical) companion to A Practical Wedding smart, clear focused guidance--with a hefty does of reassurance--to help you plan your big day.

From figuring out what you really want--as opposed to what everyone else thinks you should want--to help you keep an eye on the ceremony itself and the vows (a.k.a. why you're throwing this party in the first place), Meg helps you cover all the essentials:

Setting a budget--and sticking to it
Choosing a venue: traditional, non-traditional, and everything in between
Hiring good vendors, keeping your friendors, and why DIY doesn't always save money
Catering, rentals, and everything else Pinterest forgot to tell you
Wedding decor: a realist's guide
Creating and writing a ceremony
Getting everyone to show up...and have a good time

With checklists (such as flowers, food, final venue walk-through) and key spreadsheets (guest list and seating chart, budget, venue search, and more), Meg helps you plan a wedding that will leave you feeling joyful, not emotionally exhausted and broke.

About the Author

Meg Keene has spent the last six years as the Executive Editor of APracticalWedding.com, now widely considered to be one of the top indie wedding brands. Meg's first book, A Practical Wedding: Creative Solutions for Planning a Beautiful, Affordable, and Meaningful Celebration, was published in January 2012. Meg has been quoted in places such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and NPR. Her website is routinely mentioned on sites like Jezebel, Refinery 29, and Daily Candy. She lives in Oakland, California. APracticalWedding.com