English the American Way (Paperback)

A Fun ESL Guide to Language & Culture in the U.S. W/Audio CD & MP3 (English as a Second Language)

By Sheila Mackechnie Murtha, Jane Airey O'Connor

Research & Education Association, 9780738606767, 288pp.

Publication Date: January 14, 2011



REA's English the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language & Culture in the U.S. with Audio CD + MP3

A fun guide to everything American for the English language learner

The warm and witty authors of Celebrate the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language and Culture in the U.S. get you started on your ESL journey with English the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language & Culture in the U.S.

English the American Way is your companion to everyday life in the United States. Engaging, easy-to-follow chapters highlight important topics in American culture, such as: making friends, getting around, dining out, dealing with money, buying a home, what to do in an emergency, visiting the doctor, handling a job interview, and more.

Our ESL author experts (Sheila MacKechnie Murtha and Jane Airey O'Connor) give English language learners must-know vocabulary, commonly used phrases, wacky idioms, and sample dialogues that illustrate everyday American life. You'll have fun along the way as you improve your English language and grammar skills with sentence completions, quizzes, and helpful tips.

Practice speaking English like an American until you're perfect Improve your listening and speaking skills with the dialogues included on our audio CD and MP3 download.

English the American Way is an excellent resource for ESL students and teachers, English language learners, and professionals of all ages and all nationalities.

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to improve your English language skills, this is the book for you

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About the Author

About the AuthorsSheila and Jane have been colleagues and friends for... well, let'sjust say a long time. As English as a Second Language (ESL)teachers, they worked together on lots of projects... and had lots offun as they worked. A partnership was born!Together, Jane and Sheila have teaching credentials in severalstates and two continents. With years and years... and years... ofexperience (they just don't want to count them all, ha!), they havetaught ESL to little kids, big kids, university students, adults, companyexecutives, and other teachers in the U.S. and Europe (bothonline and in regular classroom settings).Both Sheila and Jane have served as members of the New JerseyDepartment of Education Advisory Committee for ESL/BilingualEducation. They've facilitated online ESL training courses for teachersthrough the NJ DOE professional development program. Sheilahas held several leadership positions scoring teacher candidate responsesfor an international testing company, and Jane has writtenESL test questions and rated English as a Foreign Language examsfor another internationally recognized testing company. (They teach, they test, they score!)They have won many awards for excellence in teaching, includingtwo Teacher of the Year awards, and corporate citations for excellence.They've given numerous presentations and have written curriculumand syllabi for diverse ESL populations. Add to this some funteaching projects in Spanish, public speaking, drama, writing... and, we're not kidding, even soccer skills and you've got two writers whoknow how to have a good time writing a book!Jane is now the Director of ESL Services for Emory College of Artsand Sciences in Atlanta, Georgia. Sheila is a lecturer in the EnglishLanguage Program at the University of Pennsylvania, and continuesto teach, write and consult in New Jersey and New York. Althoughthey live several states away, both are happy to find time to worktogether on fun projects... like this book!