Hot Rocks (Paperback)

By Randy Rawls

Midnight Ink, 9780738734132, 360pp.

Publication Date: November 8, 2012



South Florida private eye Beth Bowman’s latest philandering-husband case has ended with a nasty bump on the head and a smoking gun—her own. The good news is that neurologist Dr. David Rassmussen is keeping the cops off her tail . . . and charming her off her feet. The bad news? An ill-mannered thug is trying to turn Bowman into a permanent hood ornament.

Setting out to find the “client” who set her up, Bowman gets friendly with the hunky Dr. Rassmussen—and gets unfriendly with a couple of ne’er-do-well thugs for hire. As her investigation takes her closer to an enticing stash of high-priced ice, it’s up to Bowman and an army of guardian street people to save her reputation and her life.


" Rawls's] new heroine is a keeper who will hopefully be investigating lots more criminal shenanigans on her Florida home turf."—Mystery Scene

"Readers will be reminded of the older Robert B. Parker detective novels where the P.I.s were wise beyond their years, dressed like 'dandy's, and were good with their fists when reading this novel. Why? Because the author has done a fine job of putting the fun and humor back into the very cool mystery genre "—Suspense Magazine

"With sassy repartee, witty narrative and quirky characters, Randy Rawls gives readers a fun, yet suspenseful read in Hot Rocks."—Fresh Fiction


About the Author

Randy Rawls is a retired US Army officer and Department of Defense civilian. He is the author of the Ace Edwards, Dallas P.I. series, short stories in various anthologies, and Thorns on Roses, a South Florida thriller. Rawls is a member of Mystery Writers of America and resides in South Florida. For more information, visit