Between the Sheets: A Collection of Erotic Bedtime Stories (Compact Disc)

A Collection of Erotic Bedtime Stories

By Eliza Foss, Libby Kimball (Read by), Alison Valentine (Read by)

Random House Audio, 9780739340899

Publication Date: August 8, 2006



Is it any wonder that the world’s number-one writers of erotic fiction have found a home in the world’s number-one magazine of erotic entertainment? Now, from the pages of Penthouse, come thirty-six torrid tales that give new meaning to the words “bedtime stories.” From the lingerie dressing room that’s all about stripping down to the babysitter who picks up a little extra something from the lady of the house, from the woman who holds an entire room in thrall with a single stick of peppermint candy to the indecent encounter between strangers on a London double-decker bus, these are stories that will ignite your imagination and put the sizzle back . . . Between the Sheets.