Empire of the Sun (Paperback)

By J. G. Ballard

Simon & Schuster, 9780743265232, 288pp.

Publication Date: March 7, 2005



The classic, award-winning novel, made famous by Steven Spielberg's film, tells of a young boy's struggle to survive World War II in China.

Jim is separated from his parents in a world at war. To survive, he must find a strength greater than all the events that surround him.

Shanghai, 1941--a city aflame from the fateful torch of Pearl Harbor. In streets full of chaos and corpses, a young British boy searches in vain for his parents. Imprisoned in a Japanese concentration camp, he is witness to the fierce white flash of Nagasaki, as the bomb bellows the end of the war...and the dawn of a blighted world.

Ballard's enduring novel of war and deprivation, internment camps and death marches, and starvation and survival is an honest coming-of-age tale set in a world thrown utterly out of joint.

Praise For Empire of the Sun

"An outstanding novel...a classic adventure story."

-- The New York Times

"A profound and moving work of the imagination."

-- Los Angeles Times Book Review

"An incredible literary achievement....Brilliant."

-- Anthony Burgess