The Dick Cheney Code: A Parody (Paperback)

A Parody

By Henry Beard

Simon & Schuster, 9780743270021, 193pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2004



A bestselling, Harvard-bred humorist plans to knock out a slapdash, quick-buck parody of a wildly successful, head-spinning, clue-laden thriller in a flagrant attempt to cash in on the publishing sensation of the decade, but the tousle-haired satirist's sleazy scheme goes awry when his two heroes -- beautiful, brilliant Sandra Damsel and brawny, brainy Professor William Franklin -- stumble on an explosive and frankly preposterous centuries-old secret that plunges them into a puzzle-packed, plot-crammed, prose-swollen Washington intrigue whose flabbergasting finale will determine the outcome of the 2004 presidential election.
Cryptic praise for The Dick Cheney Code
"1, 1 " (highest rating) -- The Fibonacci Report
"Hysterical Lacey shirt " -- Anagram Monthly
"I laughed so hard I xxxxxx in my pants " -- Redacter's Digest
"I bend over double I hold my sides I tickle my ribs I slap my thighs " -- Mime Magazine
"Three syllables, sounds like: Upper arm? Broken arm? Broken bone? Radius? Humerus? HUMOROUS " -- Charade Magazine
"Too funny for words " (9 letters, starting with P, ending in S) -- Acrostic Review