A More Perfect Union: How I Survived the Happiest Day of My Life (Paperback)

How I Survived the Happiest Day of My Life

By Hana Schank

Atria Books, 9780743277372, 218pp.

Publication Date: February 20, 2007



Hana Schank had never given much thought to her wedding, or to marriage in general, for that matter. That, is until she found herself newly engaged and trying to plan the "Happiest Day of Her Life": spending weeks crafting save-the-date cards, worrying incessantly about every minute detail -- even matching her cocktails to her wedding colors -- and obsessively reading Martha Stewart Weddings magazine. Hana soon decides that if she is going to follow traditions like wearing white and walking down the aisle with flowers, she wants to know why. In her search, she turns up several interesting wedding facts and ultimately casts a critical eye on a $72 billion wedding industry that pressures women into becoming obsessive-compulsive Bridezillas.

Part confessional memoir, part social critique, A More Perfect Union chronicles a year of wedding planning, capturing as it does not only the stresses but also the undoubted joys of becoming a bride.

Praise For A More Perfect Union: How I Survived the Happiest Day of My Life

"This book is required reading for any once-coherent woman now faced with the sudden onslaught of save-the-date cards, prenups, and decisions like...is sage the new pink?"

-- Nia Vardalos, writer, director, and star of My Big Fat Greek Wedding

"Schank's journey from engaged to enraged to ecstatic is at once wry, informative, scary, and utterly hilarious. Finally, a book that documents the sheer insanity of today's $72 billion wedding industry while making you laugh out loud on almost every page."

-- Cathi Hanauer, author of Sweet Ruin and editor of The Bitch in the House

"A pitch-perfect, witty dispatch from the front lines of modern American wedding rituals. Hana Schank's story -- liberated modern woman meets the behemoth of wedding planning -- is hilarious and bracing."

-- Lis Harris, author of Rules of Engagement