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Tao of Nature

Earthway's Wisdom of Daily Living from Grandmother Earth

Mary Summer Rain


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From the bestselling author of Earthway comes a collection of thoughtful and inspiring essays on nature and life. Together they light a path to genuine love and caring, for as we learn to recognize and respect the beauty in nature we learn, too, to appreciate the beauty in ourselves.

Everywhere we turn, nature is trying to bestow her gifts upon us whether we're ready to receive them or not. Here spiritual philosopher and naturalist Mary Summer Rain shows us how to open our eyes to see, how to open our ears to hear, and how to cultivate a perceptive mind and a sensitive heart so that we may gain access to the sacred knowledge of living right. We need to look beyond the awesome sunsets and beneath the splendid blanket of snow to where the true gifts lie, hidden, waiting for our minds to unwrap them and revel in their wisdom.
The jewels in Tao of Nature are invaluable gifts to readers ready to open themselves up to the wonder of Grandmother Earth. Once again, Mary Summer Rain has interwoven her observations as a naturalist with spiritual philosophy to share with the world the lessons of nature's beauty and power.

Atria Books, 9780743407908, 272pp.

Publication Date: August 13, 2002

About the Author

Mary Summer Rain has written more than twenty books, including Earthway and Beyond Earthway, and was featured on the NBC television special Ancient Prophecies. Together her books have sold more than one million copies worldwide. She lives in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.