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Dress You Up in My Love

Diane Stingley


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Sam always thought, somewhere in the back of her mind, that someday she would marry Greg -- the boy next door -- the coolest, sexiest, most interesting person she'd ever met, and Sam isn't easily impressed. She's loved him forever, even after he dumped her years ago, but when he tells her over drinks at their local hangout, Bogart's, that he's in love with the frumpy, single-mother that he met in the garage where he works, Sam can't believe what she's hearing. It's not enough that it's almost Thanksgiving and her mother is making her crazy asking her questions about her life (or lack thereof), or that her best friend announced that she's in love and having a baby. No, Greg, the man she had always assumed was just allergic to commitment, is seeing some sweet soccer mom. It was not to be believed, not to be tolerated. So she does the one thing she can think of to make all her it's-the-holiday-and-I'm-all-alone-and-my-family-makes-me-crazy-blues go away, she hires an actor to play her boyfriend. Only she never counted on him being more trouble than the real thing.

Pocket Books, 9780743464918, 320pp.

Publication Date: December 1, 2003