Liner Notes (Paperback)

By Emily W. Franklin

Gallery Books, 9780743469838, 320pp.

Publication Date: October 7, 2003



Side A: Laney's Going Solo
Laney has just finished graduate school in California and sees her cross-country drive as the perfect chance to reflect on the past before facing her future back East. With 3,000 miles ahead of her and a box of mix tapes as her only companion, she envisions a trip spent reminiscing; whether it's her first camp kisses, high school parties and crushes, or college loves and losses, Laney's most treasured memories -- good and bad -- are all just a song away.

Side B: A Change of Tune
Laney's mother, in town for graduation, thinks a mother-daughter road trip sounds like much more fun than going it alone -- and Laney can hardly refuse. Soon, she's giving her mother a crash course not only in pop music of the '70s and '80s but also in her own life...for somehow Mom doesn't know her daughter as well as she'd like to. Together, as America whizzes by, Laney and her mother are turning up the volume of their relationship...and learning that there's nothing more revealing than the soundtrack of our lives.

About the Author

Emily Franklin split her formative years between Boston and London. After studying at Oxford University, she graduated from Sarah Lawrence College and earned a graduate degree from Dartmouth College. She currently lives outside of Boston with her family where she is on the staff of National Public Radio's "Car Talk" show. Liner Notes is her first novel.

Praise For Liner Notes

Tom Perrotta
Author of Election and Joe College

Emily Franklin's charming debut novel is a grab-bag of delights.