Discovering English Folk Dance (Paperback)

By Hugh Rippon

Shire Publications, 9780747802259, 96pp.

Publication Date: November 18, 2008



In the last decade there has been renewed interest in English folk dance. Few countries have integrated the traditional dances, songs and music of the past into modern culture as successfully as in England. This book carefully distinguishes between the two types of folk dance - the ritual, ceremonial displays like morris or sword dancing, and the social folk dances. The history and evolution of the dances and their regional variations are described, their origins and meanings explained and the differences between English and Scottish dancing discussed. Examining everything from morris dancing to the Minehead hobby horse dances and the Helston Furry Dance and a definitive list of festivals where these dances can be seen makes this an indispensable handbook for anyone interested in folk dance.

About the Author

Hugh Rippon was an official of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, and spent much time teaching dancing, lecturing, writing articles and starting new morris sides. He has taught widely in England, Holland, Belgium, France and America and continues his 'calling' activities in retirement.