Telephone Boxes (Paperback)

By Neil Johannessen

Shire, 9780747804192, 32pp.

Publication Date: April 20, 2010



For such a familiar part of the British scene, the telephone box is something of an unknown entity. What was its story? Why was it the way it was? Who designed it? What came before it? This generously illustrated book answers these questions and more. It is a concise history of the most ubiquitous of all street furniture, kiosks being found in the busiest city streets and the most remote countryside. From the earliest to the latest, and from mass-produced to the quaintest of unique designs, this books also acts as a 'spotter's guide'. Included are listings of sites that can be visited, valuable information on kiosk preservation and something on the companion police and emergency telephone kiosks.

About the Author

Neil Johannessen found out about telephone boxes out of necessity as manager of BT's museum collection. Few topics have so consistently required his time as they have. A physicist by background, he first became interested in industrial archaeology in his teens, notably in the area of canal restoration. Today he is an active member of the London museum community and an authority on telecommunications heritage.