Discovering the Folklore and Traditions of Marriage (Paperback)

By George Monger

Shire Publications, 9780747808190, 94pp.

Publication Date: April 19, 2011



The wedding is a ceremony that is surrounded by tradition and folklore, but why do we do what we do, and what lies behind the customs of marriage? What color should a wedding dress be? What is the origin of the wedding cake? Why do we throw confetti? What is so special about Gretna Green? What is so lucky about a shoe? Why a wedding breakfast, and is the pre-nuptial contract a new idea?

In Britain today the celebration of a marriage in the 'traditional' manner is a mixture of something old, something new and something borrowed from other traditions. It is bound up with church and secular legislation, and with custom and superstition.

Discovering the Folklore and Traditions of Marriage looks at the ways that marriages are celebrated in multicultural Britain - and how these traditions are similar to or different from those around the world - and how the practices of the past are observed, and sometimes altered, for contemporary times.

About the Author

George Monger works as a consultant in museums throughout the British Isles and as a freelance folklorist and researcher with a specialist interest in the folklore, customs, traditions and social history of weddings and marriage. He has published many articles over the years, papers and essays in magazines, journals and books on folklore, folklife and related subjects. He is the author of Marriage Customs of the World: from Henna to Honeymoons for ABC-Clio (2004).