Bandstands (Paperback)

By Paul A. Rabbitts

Shire Publications, 9780747808251, 64pp.

Publication Date: February 15, 2011



Bandstands are a distinctive feature of the public parks and boardwalks all over Britain. But what do we actually know about them? Why did they appear in Britain's earliest parks? When were they erected, and who made them?

This book explores and provides answers to these questions, showing how they evolved from the buildings of the early Victorian Pleasure Gardens, how they appeared in nearly every public park of the time, were influenced by the great landscape designers, and how a very small number of Scottish foundries cornered the market across the world, from Bradford to Brazil. From parks, seaside resorts and civic spaces, bandstands have appeared and disappeared but are once again re-appearing, being restored and are now enjoying a new lease of life.

No other book has been written on this subject and the timing could not be better with over 80 bandstands having been restored in the last 5 years as a result of the incredible re-investment in our public parks. The love affair is back on.

About the Author

Paul Rabbitts was born in Co. Durham. Graduated at Sheffield City Polytechnic with a degree in Geography and a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh University. He has worked for local authorities from, Carlisle, to Middlesbrough and currently in Watford. He is the author of Bandstands, Regent's Park, Richmond Park, London's Royal Parks, and the forthcoming, Bandstands of Britain. He is currenlty working on a history of Cassiobury and his 7th book on Hyde Park.