Justified Sinners (Paperback)

An Archaeology of Scottish Counter Culture (1960-2000)

By Ross Birrell, Alec Finlay (Joint Author)

Polygon, 9780748663088, 1pp.

Publication Date: May 15, 2002

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This anthology investigates all aspects of counter culture in Scotland, tracing a timeline of seismic events, ideas and art-actions that were retranslated by each successive generation. The anthology has a running commentary -peering into the strata of four decades, picking through the archaeological remains, accompanied by newly commissioned letters from Edwin Morgan, Helen Douglas, Stephen Willats, Malcolm Dickinson and Craig Richardson. It surveys the literary avant-garde of the 1960s, via Ian Hamilton Findlay, Edwin Morgan, Alexander Trocchi, and Tom McGrath; the adventurous art scene that gravitated to the Demarco Gallery in Edinburgh the 1970s; the wilderness of Thatcherism and the post-Referendum dark age; and up to the present, through Beltane, post-punk and dance nation, the voice of young Scotland.