Sharks (Hardcover)

By Stephen Savage

Kingfisher, 9780753460641, 32pp.

Publication Date: June 20, 2007



In Inside Access: Sharks, the guide is a marine biologist named Angel Finn who accompanies the reader on thrilling dives at shark sites around the world. Together, she and the reader meet different types of sharks and take a look at their lives and histories, from their ancestors and evolutionary development to their feeding habits and social behavior. Deep in the ocean, face-to-face with these fabled creatures, the reader will learn the truth about sharks few of them terrorize unwitting swimmers; in fact, the biggest sharks are more like gentle giants than cruel killers. Lift-up flaps reveal amazing facts about shark life.

About the Author

Stephen Savage is a biologist, author and lecturer. He is currently the education coordinator for the River Ocean Foundation, developing educational materials and working with children, adults, and training teachers. He is also involved in a local study of sea mammals and assists in a marine mammal rescue program.