Universe: Journey Into Deep Space (Hardcover)

Journey Into Deep Space

By Mike Goldsmith, Mark A. Garlick (Illustrator)

Kingfisher, 9780753468760, 47pp.

Publication Date: September 18, 2012



It is hard to conceptualize both the scale and the mind-boggling diversity of the Universe, but this book changes that. Come along on a vivid experiential journey to explore some of the Universe's most intriguing places, and along the way understand the amazing history of the Cosmos. A series of rich, full-bleed spreads give stunning snapshots of distant galactic locations as the reader journeys further and further from Earth from red cold Mars (3 light minutes away) to a massive Supernova (10,000 light years away) and beyond. The eye-popping visuals take center stage here the writing is concise and unobtrusive, allowing the reader a visceral sense of awe and wonder. A full reference section at the back of the book brings together the scientific information in a timeline for further exploration. This exciting new approach will capture the imagination of today's visual thinkers like never before.

About the Author

Dr Mike Goldsmith studied the philosophy of time and space at Keele University, where he also obtained his PhD in astrophysics. He was formerly the head of Acoustics at the UKOs National Physical Laboratory and is now an author of non-fiction books for children. Mark A. Garlick is a freelance illustrator and author with a strong scientific background. He has a BachelorOs degree in astronomy from University College London (UCL) and a PhD. in astrophysics from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory. His digital illustrations cover a broad range of scientific subjects, from EarthOs natural history to space technology.

Praise For Universe: Journey Into Deep Space

Holly Newton's Book News

Brilliantly explores, through an illustrated voyage, the nearest galaxies beyond our Milky Way.

Kirkus Review

Along with the illustrations’ phantasmagoric colors, Goldsmith’s text keeps readers’ attention with just the right amount of information and a little frisson of spooky pleasure added in...A handsome, tightly constructed exploration of our solar system, galaxy and beyond.