The Complete Guide to Making Mead (Paperback)

The Ingredients, Equipment, Processes, and Recipes for Crafting Honey Wine

By Steve Piatz

Voyageur Press, 9780760345641, 160pp.

Publication Date: July 30, 2014

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Some stories suggest that mead was originally discovered when one of our not-yet-upright forebears stuck their hand in a fermenting bee hive and came away with a honeycomb containing a little more than they bargained for. Whatever the truth, brewers have brought this beverage into the twenty-first century, and you can rest assured that The Complete Guide to Making Mead is a thoroughly up-to-date, modern, and authoritative guide to homemade mead. Best of all, it has something for everyone, from the stone-cold beginner to the seasoned veteran. Award-winning mead-maker Steve Piatz begins with a brief history of the fermented beverage; a rundown of the various types of mead; and a discussion of the many types of honey that are available, their characteristics, and where to source them. Readers will be treated to discussions of yeast and special ingredients, as well as what equipment is necessary and reccomended and an illustrated and detailed look at the basic process. Readers will also discover advanced techniques, such as oaking, clarifying, aging, spicing, and blending. There are even sections on developing recipes and troubleshooting problems with the brewing process.With more than 100 color photos, The Complete Guide to Making Mead includes dozens of recipes for basic meads (honey only), melomels (honey and fruit), metheglins (honey and spices), and braggots (honey and malt).

About the Author

Steve Piatz is a retired computer engineer and an award-winning beer and mead-maker. A member of the Minnesota Homebrewers Association and the Saint Paul Homebrewers Club, a Grand Master V BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) judge, and an Exam Director for the BJCP exam program, he resides in Eagan, Minnesota.

Praise For The Complete Guide to Making Mead: The Ingredients, Equipment, Processes, and Recipes for Crafting Honey Wine

"With the popularity of craft beer brewing, it is no surprise to see home brewers turning to mead to expand their skills and experiment with different ingredients and flavors. In his first book, 2008 American Homebrewers Association Mead Maker of the Year Piatz beautifully tackles the science and art of mead making. He begins with "A Brief History of Mead," followed by chapters on essential ingredients (honey varieties, yeast strains) and basic and advanced techniques. Special ingredients such as fruits, spices, and chocolate are also covered, and measurements are provided in metric and U.S. standard units (e.g., pounds and kilograms of honey). The exacting nature of the brewing process is complemented by encouragement to investigate flavors and customize packaging. Piatz's comprehensive treatment includes a glossary, an index, a sources page, and a "Troubleshooting" chapter.Verdict Recommended for experienced home brewers seeking a new challenge as well as novices who want to begin their brewing practice with mead. With honey as the basic component, this title may also appeal to readers interested in beekeeping."��LJXpress