The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel, 2nd Edition (Paperback)

Planning, Outfitting, and Accessorizing (Essential Guide Series)

By Dale Coyner

Motorbooks, 9780760352700, 192pp.

Publication Date: January 4, 2017

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There’s more to motorcycling than simply hitting the road. The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel gives the lowdown on proper planning, rider preparation, and outfitting the bike.

Motorcyclists in record numbers are heading out on ambitious trips across America and around the world. The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel offers essential advice to fully prepare them for traveling long distances over extended periods. Whether you are getting ready for a weekend trip beyond your home turf, or for a transcontinental odyssey lasting several years, Coyner's book details the fundamentals for riding in comfort, safety, and convenience.

Coyner lays out the steps for planning a worry-free, fun trip, one that starts with the rider physically and mentally prepared. On the road, having good riding gear can make a dramatic difference in comfort and safety as the weather changes from dry to wet, and from hot to cold. Coyner describes the important aspects of personal preparation and describes the major kinds of riding gear and how they work to control body temperature and moisture.

Coyner shows you step-by-step how electrical modifications can be made, and provides specific sections on high-performance lighting and conspicuity, GPS and other cockpit instruments, entertainment and communication devices, cameras and camcorders, ergonomic enhancements, suspension improvements, luggage and storage additions, and trailers. Over 250 full-color photographs illustrate riding gear, accessories, and modifications that will make any motorcycle adventure the trip of a lifetime.

About the Author

Dale Coyner is the owner of Open Road Outfitters, a motorcycle accessory shop in Sterling, Virginia. He is a member of the Governor's Motorcycle Advisory Council for the Commonwealth of Virginia and the author/photographer of Motorcycle Journeys Through the Appalachians, a popular guide for enthusiasts planning trips through the region.

Praise For The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel, 2nd Edition: Planning, Outfitting, and Accessorizing (Essential Guide Series)

"Every once in a while, a book does cross the desk that wakes us up, and The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel, by Dale Coyner, is just such a volume. . . . This book should be in every serious rider's library. . . .We've been riding for many years, yet we found his way of formatting a trip helpful, preparing the rider so there are fewer surprises along the way. . . ."Outfitting Your Bike" is the chapter that rally caught our attention. Dale gets into everything from lighting and GPS to how to solder wires! After reading his take on GPS receivers and satellite tracking, we will probably go out and buy one. The final section, "On The Road," is loaded with tips and how to handle on-the-road repairs." - Road Iron magazine

"For anybody who has never traveled far in a single trip, let's say a thousand miles, this book is a real savior, covering the rudiments as well as the latest electronic sophistications. . . . but beyond the basics Coyner's book deals with all the latest electronic gimcrackery, from communicaton systems to helmet cameras -- very useful. I should add that this is the 2nd edition, the first having come out in 2007, and the new edition has a lot of the latest gizmos, dealing with advances in the last seven years, making this updated edition useful even if you have the original. . . . Had I had the benefits of The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel, back when I took my first real motorcycle trip, I would have been a good deal happier." - Clement Salvadori, Rider magazine

"This is the second edition of this book and we loved the first. The new version adds much more to a superb book full of the tips, ideas and information on "Planning, Outfitting, and Accessorizing" yourself and your machine if you plan on doing some serious riding and touring. . . . There is never a need to learn from your own mistakes when you have a concise and well-written guide such as this. Modern concerns for today's riders are covered as well, with information on GPS, Bluetooth and action cameras all in the guide. Dale Coyner's The Essential Guide to Motorcycle Travel is just that -- essential. . . .well worth the investment." - Brian Rathjen, Editor of Backroads magazine