Planet Barbecue!: An Electrifying Journey Around the World's Barbecue Trail (Hardcover)

An Electrifying Journey Around the World's Barbecue Trail

By Steven Raichlen

Workman Publishing, 9780761159193, 638pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2010



The most ambitious book yet by America's bestselling, award-winning grill expert whose "Barbecue Bible" books have over 4 million copies in print. Setting out--again--on the barbecue trail four years ago, Steven Raichlen visited 60 countries--yes, 60 countries--and collected 309 of the tastiest, most tantalizing, easy-to-make, and guaranteed-to-wow recipes from every corner of the globe. Welcome to "Planet Barbecue," the book that will take America's passionate, obsessive, smoke-crazed live-fire cooks to the next level. "Planet Barbecue," with full-color photographs throughout, is an unprecedented marriage of food and culture. Here, for example, is how the world does pork: in the Puerto Rican countryside cooks make "Lechon Asado"--stud a pork shoulder with garlic and oregano, baste it with annatto oil, and spit-roast it. From the Rhine-Palatine region of Germany comes "Spiessbraten," thick pork steaks seasoned with nutmeg and grilled over a low, smoky fire. From Seoul, South Korea, "Sam Gyeop Sal"--grilled sliced pork belly. From Montevideo, Uruguay, "Bandiola"--butterflied pork loin stuffed with ham, cheese, bacon, and peppers. From Cape Town, South Africa, "Sosaties"--pork kebabs with dried apricots and curry. And so it goes for beef, fish, vegetables, shellfish--says Steven, "Everything tastes better grilled."In addition to the recipes the book showcases inventive ways to use the grill: Australia's Lamb on a Shovel, Bogota's "Lomo al Trapo" (Salt-Crusted Beef Tenderloin Grilled in Cloth), and from the Charantes region of France, "Eclade de Moules"--Mussels Grilled on Pine Needles. "Do" try this at home. What a planet--what a book.