Fallout 3 Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide (Hardcover)

Prima Official Game Guide

By David Hodgson

Prima Games, 9780761559979, 496pp.

Publication Date: October 28, 2008



• Exclusive Collector's Edition content! Get a view behind the scenes into the creation of the most anticipated game of the year.
• Giant map poster to guide you through the Wasteland.
• Rugged Hardcover edition for extra survivability.
• Every major ammo and health cache, Bobblehead, Skill Book, Unique Weapon, Weapon Schematic, Mini Nuke, and more!
• A gigantic tour of the Capital Wasteland with over 100 maps.
• Multiple tactics and tips for every Main, Miscellaneous, and Freeform quest.
• Karma flowcharts plus everything you need to know about completing all endings.
• Expert tactical advice on V.A.T.S., combat techniques, S.P.E.C.I.A.L. abilities, plus which skills to pick as your adventure progresses.
• Damage and health statistics for every weapon and enemy.