Journey to the Blue Moon: In Which Time Is Lost and Then Found Again (Hardcover)

In Which Time Is Lost and Then Found Again

By Rebecca Rupp

Candlewick Press (MA), 9780763625443, 263pp.

Publication Date: September 12, 2006



Time gets out of hand in a witty, suspenseful new fantasy from the author of THE DRAGON OF LONELY ISLAND.
Choose time or lose time. The inscription on his grandfather's pocket watch has always confused Alex. But now that Alex has lost the heirloom,
time is all he can think about time slipping through his fingers. That's when an encounter with a strange lady clues him in to the Blue Moon, a place where earthlings search for what they've lost. Soon Alex is in a rickety spaceship hurtling toward a topsy-turvy world of eccentric characters from Miss Mumsley, who lost her heart to a prospector, to a medieval scholar who lost his way while calculating pi. It's a perilous journey, plagued by Time Eaters, who suck up their prey's time. How will Alex ever find the watch and the sense of direction he's lost? From Rebecca Rupp comes a fast-paced fantasy honoring friendship and courage.

About the Author

Rebecca Rupp is the author of THE DRAGON OF LONELY ISLAND, THE RETURN OF THE DRAGON, THE WATERSTONE, and several books about homeschooling, including THE COMPLETE HOME LEARNING SOURCEBOOK. She lives in Shaftsbury, Vermont.