Merrow (Hardcover)

By Ananda Braxton-Smith

Candlewick Press (MA), 9780763679248, 240pp.

Publication Date: November 8, 2016



In this breathless and beautifully crafted tale, twelve-year-old Neen Marrey must separate town gossip from town lore to learn the truth about her mother--and herself.
The people of Carrick Island have been whispering behind Neen's back ever since her father drowned and her mother disappeared. The townspeople say her mother was a merrow and has returned to the ocean. Neen, caught in her hazy new in-between self--not a child, but not quite grown up--can't help but wonder if the villagers are right. But if her mother was a merrow, then what does that make Neen?

About the Author

Ananda Braxton-Smith is a journalist and author. Merrow is her first book with Candlewick Press. She lives in Australia.