What's the Point of Being Green? (Paperback)

By Jacqui Bailey

Barron's Educational Series, 9780764144271, 96pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2010



Written especially for young adult readers, this heavily illustrated book talks about the threat to our planet's environment and outlines steps that governments, organizations, and ordinary citizens--including this book's young readers--can take to help keep the planet green. Author Jaqui Bailey points out the major problems, which include Climate change: The Earth's temperature is rising, which could soon have a disastrous effect every living being Pollution and acid rain: Earth's air, water, and soil are being damaged because we depend too heavily on fossil fuels, and because we overfish the oceans and destroy the forests
Fortunately, we can all take steps to start solving the problem. This book focuses mainly on things young readers can do, which include: Conserve electricity in the home by turning off lights and appliances that aren't being used. Walk, bike, or use public transportation instead of depending entirely on the family car Stop using plastic bags Conserve water . . . and more
The issues are presented in brief, illustrated copy blocks that kids will find both entertaining and easy to read. They include fact panels, true/false panels, case histories, and action panels. Color photos and cartoon-style illustrations on every page.