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Cover for Red Hat Linux 9 Bible [With 2 CDROMs]

Red Hat Linux 9 Bible [With 2 CDROMs]

Christopher Negus


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"The definitive work on Red Hat Linux. Chain it to your desk. You'll browse others, but you'll wear this one out."
-Nicholas Petreley, Founding Editor of LinuxWorld
If Red Hat Linux 9 can do it, you can do it too...
Activate the power of Red Hat Linux 9, the most popular distribution of this practical, economical operating system, with the in-depth information in this comprehensive reference manual. If you're exploring Linux for the first time, the hands-on instructions for installing, configuring, and customizing the system will get you going with confidence. If you're a Red Hat veteran, Linux expert Christopher Negus gives you everything you need to administer the latest desktop, server, and networking enhancements, plus much more.
Inside, you'll find complete coverage of Red Hat Linux 9
* Explore GNOME and KDE desktop menus, panels, file managers, workspaces, and themes
* Configure a firewall to share your Internet connection and protect your LAN
* Run applications for Internet browsing, publishing, music, video, and gaming
* Construct your own public Internet server, complete with mail, DNS, FTP, and Web services
* Administer users, manage backups, and automate system tasks
* Create dial-up connections, wireless LANs, and virtual private networks (CIPE)
* Set up Windows (Samba), Mac (netatalk), or NetWare (mars-nwe) file and print sharing from Linux
* Use the Red Hat Network up2date facility to easily get software updates
Special 3 CD-ROM version of Red Hat Linux 9, with 260 additional packages not included in the standard 2 CD Publisher's Edition
Red Hat Linux 9 core includes: Linux kernel, GNU C compiler, GNOME desktop, Apache Web server, Samba Windows file/print sharing, CUPS print service, Sendmail mail server, and BIND DNS server
Additional packages include:
* KDE desktop
* samba-swat
* vsftpd
* spamassassin
* sendmail-cf
* Legacy UNIX network services
* Tripwire
* sndconfig.

Wiley, 9780764539381, 1104pp.

Publication Date: May 23, 2003

About the Author

Christopher Negus has been working with UNIX systems, the Internet, and (more recently) Linux systems for more than two decades. During that time, Chris worked at AT&T Bell Laboratories, UNIX System Laboratories, and Novell, helping to develop the UNIX operating system. Features from many of the UNIX projects Chris worked on at AT&T have found their way into Red Hat and other Linux systems. During the past few years, Chris has written several books on UNIX and the Internet, including Caldera OpenLinux Bible, Internet Explorer 4 Bible, and Netscape Plug-Ins for Dummies for Wiley Publishing. He also co-wrote several books for Que Corporation, including The Complete Idiot's Guide to Networking (second and third editions) and Using UNIX (second edition). Chris's other writings include articles for Internet World, NetWare Connection, and Visual Developer magazines.