The Last Prophecy (Hardcover)

By Jon Land

Forge Books, 9780765309693, 384pp.

Publication Date: November 25, 2004



1945: While liberating a concentration camp, the 121st Evacuation Hospital, an American medical unit, uncovers something beneath a body-laden trench. Sixty years later, the survivors of that unit are systematically murdered because of what they saw.

2004: Enter former Palestinian-American detective Ben Kamal and his Israeli counterpart, Danielle Barnea. Working for the United Nations, Ben and Danielle are forced to return to the Middle East to investigate a massacre in a Palestinian village. They quickly learn that the roots of that massacre lie elsewhere, in another era, on another continent.

While Ben follows the trail of the shadowy force responsible, Danielle finds herself swept into a maelstrom where the past and the present collide, joined by an ancient text of prophecies that predicts a cataclysmic event about to strike the United States. The only way to change a fate foretold long before is to decipher a cryptic message shrouded in secrecy and guarded by a hidden army.

As time ticks down, Ben and Danielle face off against a new and all-powerful enemy with its own crazed reasons for wanting America's way of life destroyed. Their only hope: to utilize the Last Prophecy.

About the Author

Jon Land is the acclaimed author of numerous bestsellers, including six previous Ben Kamal / Danielle Barnea thrillers: "The Walls of Jericho," "The Pillars of Solomon," "A Walk in the Darkness," "Keepers of the Gate," "Blood Diamonds," and "The Blue Widows." He lives in Providence, Rhode Island.

Praise For The Last Prophecy

"Highly entertaining from start to finish, this is prime escapist fiction."--Publishers Weekly