Cold Choices (Hardcover)

By Larry Bond

Forge Books, 9780765318756, 480pp.

Publication Date: May 12, 2009



Following the events Jerry Mitchell encountered in Dangerous Ground, the pilot-turned-submarine officer is now a department head, the navigator, aboard USS Seawolf. Now on a mission deep in the Barents Sea, north of Russia, Seawolf explores the sea floor, part of a sophisticated reconnaissance plan that will watch the Russian navy as it trains for battle. Although well outside Russia’s territorial waters, Seawolf is ambushed by Russia’s newest submarine, Severodvinsk. Although it doesn’t fire any weapons, its aggressive new captain, Alexi Petrov, harasses the intruder with dangerously fast, insanely close passes by the American boat.
The two subs collide, with the Russian boat crippled and trapped on the bottom. Only Seawolf knows where she is, and the rest of the Russian fleet is too angry to listen. Mitchell and his shipmates have to keep their own damaged boat afloat, figure out a way to make the Russians listen, and keep the trapped Russian submariners alive until they can be saved - if that is even possible.

About the Author

LARRY BOND is the author of numerous "New York Times "bestselling thrillers, including "Vortex, Cauldron," and "The Enemy Within." A former Naval Intelligence officer, warfare analyst, and anti-submarine technology expert, he makes his home in Springfield, Virginia.

Praise For Cold Choices

“Nobody alive knows more about submarines and submarine tactics than Larry Bond, the designer of Harpoon.  In addition, he’s one hell of a writer, which he proves once again in Cold Choices.”—Stephen Coonts, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassin

“Larry Bond’s new submarine thriller, Cold Choices, sends The Hunt for Red October, Das Boot, and Run Silent, Run Deep straight to the bottom of the sea!  A nuclear fireball of a thriller!”—Douglas Preston, New York Times bestselling author of Blasphemy

“Forget everything you’ve ever heard about submarine novels!  The sub battles in Cold Choices will have you biting your nails, shaking in your shoes and gasping for breath.  The King of the 21st Century Sub Thrillers is back.”—David Hagberg, USA Today bestselling author of Dance with the Dragon