On the Razor's Edge (Hardcover)

By Michael Flynn

Tor Books, 9780765334800, 349pp.

Publication Date: July 2, 2013



The secret war among the Shadows of the Name is escalating, and there are hints that it is not so secret as the Shadows had thought. The scarred man, Donovan buigh, half honored guest and half prisoner, is carried deeper into the Confederation, all the way to Holy Terra herself, to help plan the rebel assault on the Secret City. If he does not soon remember the key information locked inside his fractured mind, his rebel friends may resort to torture to pull it from his subconscious.

Meanwhile, Bridget ban has organized a posse a pack of Hounds to go in pursuit of her kidnapped daughter, despite knowing that Ravn Olafsdottr kidnapped the harper precisely to lure Bridget ban in her wake. The Hound, the harper, and the scarred man wind deeper into a web of deceit and treachery certain of only one thing: nothing, absolutely nothing, is what it seems to be.

About the Author

MICHAEL FLYNN lives in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Praise For On the Razor's Edge

“Space opera fans will be swept away by the poetic rhythm and subtle plot construction, and the open-ended conclusion will leave them clamoring for future Donovan buigh adventures.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review on In the Lion's Mouth

In the Lion’s Mouth is almost a contradiction in terms—a quietly intense, poetically fierce space opera, one of Flynn’s best books.”
—L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

“Space opera is not usually rife with mythological references or Celtic-flavored fantasy elements, but this third installment in a trilogy that began with The January Dancer uses both to interesting effect.”
—RT Book Reviews, 3 Stars, on In The Lion's Mouth

“Fascinating and intelligent.”
Kirkus Reviews on In the Lion's Mouth