Buffalo Medicine (Mass Market Paperback)

By April Christofferson

Forge Books, 9780765344199, 384pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2004




Tension is running high in Big Sky country over the controversial slaughter of buffalo that wander outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park and onto land where cattle graze. At the heart of the dispute is "brucellosis," a dangerous disease that could devastate the cattle industry-and be transmitted to humans.

Veterinarian Jed McCane is working on a new vaccine that could wipe out the disease. It never occurs to him that anyone could feel threatened by his research--until someone tries to kill him. The attack brings an unlikely ally into his life: an activist from Buffalo Nation, a group determined to stop the slaughter of America's last free-roaming bison. It also devastates Jed's world: who are his friends? Who are his enemies?

Why would anyone object to a vaccine that could wipe out brucellosis forever? Jed must find the answer before time runs out, for both the buffalo and the safety of the world's food supply.

About the Author

April Christofferson studied veterinary medicine at the University of Illinois and has worked as a lawyer in the biotech industry, a background she draws upon for her acclaimed medical thrillers, including "Patent to Kill," "Clinical Trial," and "The Protocol." She lives in Idaho.