Surrender to the Will of the Night (Mass Market Paperbound)

By Glen Cook

Tor Books, 9780765345981, 648pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 2011



Piper Hecht's first and greatest secret is that he knows how to kill gods. What's not a secret is that he knows how to win wars.

Hecht's secrets make him dangerous, but his skill and his reputation put him in danger from his enemies, who fear what he might do or who want revenge for what he has already done; and from his friends, who want to use his military gifts for their own purposes.

His sister Heris and his living ancestor Cloven Februaren, the Ninth Unknown, have made Hecht part of their fight against the return of the dark god, Kharoulke the Windwalker. At the same time, the half-mad Empress Katrin wants Hecht to lead the armies of the Grail Empire eastward on a crusade against his old co-religionists the Praman.

Meanwhile, the world is changing. The winters are growing longer and harsher every year, and the seas are getting shallower. The far north and the high mountain ranges are going under the ice, fast. The Wells of Power are getting weaker, and the old evils, the Instrumentalities from the Time Before Time, have begun to ooze back into the world.

"Surrender to the Will of the Night" is the third book in Glen Cook's phenomenal Instrumentalities of the Night fantasy series. As ever, the genius of Glen Cook's storytelling lies in his common touch: in soldiers, who are like real soldiers; in men and women, who love and laugh and sweat, with real hopes and real fears, united only in their determination to face the oncoming night.

About the Author

The author of many novels of science fiction and fantasy, including the bestselling Black Company series, Glen Cook lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

Praise For Surrender to the Will of the Night

Praise for Glen Cook and the Instrumentalities of the Night:

“Timely and timeless… The author of the Black Company series brings a stark realism to his tales of imaginary lands.”
Library Journal (starred review) on The Tyranny of the Night

“Cook follows up on his lauded Black Company military fantasy with another powerful series, combining a fast-moving plot with a harsh, credible world of religious conflicts, ravenous aristocrats, and refugees struggling to survive.”
VOYA on Lord of the Silent Kingdom

“With The Black Company series, Glen Cook single-handedly changed the face of fantasy—something a lot of people didn’t notice, and maybe still don’t. He brought the story down to a human level, dispensing with the cliché archetypes of princes, kings, and evil sorcerers. Reading his stuff is like reading Vietnam War fiction on peyote.”
—Steven Erikson, author of Gardens of the Moon