The Placebo Chronicles: Strange But True Tales From the Doctors' Lounge (Paperback)

Strange But True Tales From the Doctors' Lounge

By Douglas Md Farrago, Gordon W. Marshall (Illustrator)

Broadway Books, 9780767919494, 208pp.

Publication Date: April 12, 2005



True Tales of the ridiculous, the silly, and the just plain weird cases doctors face lampooning the medical bureaucracy that makes practicing medicine and getting medical care such a headache.
Doctors have a sick sense of humor. This is the deep, dark, and hilarious secret of the medical profession revealed by the irreverent Dr. Douglas Farrago in his popular satirical magazine, "Placebo Journal" affectionately known by its thousands of fanatic readers as "Mad" magazine for doctors and called, by "U.S.," raunchy, adolescent, and very funny. Now, in "The Placebo Chronicles," Dr. Farrago has compiled the best of the most outrageous and uproarious true stories to come out of the ERs and examination rooms of doctors all over the country.
Submitted by actual physicians, these are the stories they tell each other at cocktail parties and in doctors lounges, trading sidesplitting and truly unusual tales of their most embarrassing medical moments, the grossest things they ve ever seen in medicine, their favorite Munchausen patients, and much more, including The X-Ray Files mind-boggling anecdotes and images of the oddest foreign objects doctors have removed from patients. Not for the faint of heart, the humor in "The Placebo Chronicles "is brutally funny just what the doctor ordered to guard against the ill effects of an M.D.'s worst enemies: the Medical Axis of Evil, a.k.a. drug companies, HMOs, and malpractice insurers.
Fully illustrated with fake advertisements for pseudopharmaceuticals like OxyCotton Candy and Indifferex (the mediocre antidepressant) this refreshingly honest collection invites doctors and patients alike to share the laughter, a liberal dose of the very best medicine.

About the Author

DR. DOUGLAS FARRAGO is a family physician who started the bimonthly "Placebo Journal" in 2000. A frequent lecturer and media commentator, Dr. Farrago lives in Auburn, Maine.

Praise For The Placebo Chronicles: Strange But True Tales From the Doctors' Lounge

High praise for Placebo Journal:

Placebo Journal is juvenile. It's immature. It's politically incorrect. It's also very funny.”—Washington Post

“Raunchy, adolescent, and very funny.”—U.S. News and World Report