Attack of the Theater People (Paperback)

By Marc Acito

Broadway Books, 9780767927734, 368pp.

Publication Date: April 22, 2008



In praising the witty high school romp "How I Paid for College," the "New York Times Book Review" said, it makes you hope there's a lot more where this came from. There is. In this hilarious sequel "Attack of the Theater People, "Edward Zanni and his merry crew of high school musical-comedy miscreants move to the magical wonderland that is Manhattan.
It is 1986, and aspiring actor Edward Zanni has been kicked out of drama school for being too jazz hands for Juilliard. Mortified, Edward heads out into the urban jungle of eighties New York City and finally lands a job as a party motivator who gets thirteen-year-olds to dance at bar mitzvahs and charms businesspeople as a stealth guest at corporate events. When he accidentally gets caught up in insider trading with a handsome stockbroker named Chad, only the help of his crew from "How I Paid for College "can rescue him from a stretch in Club Fed.
Laced with the inspired zaniness of classic American musical comedy, "Attack of the Theater People" matches the big hair of the eighties with an even bigger heart.

About the Author

MARC ACITO s debut novel, "How I Paid for College, "won the Ken Kesey Award for the Novel and was also selected as an Editors Choice by the" New York Times." Acito is a popular contributor to the" New York Times" and National Public Radio s "All Things Considered." He lives in Portland, Oregon."

Praise For Attack of the Theater People


“Acito has fantastic narrative chops....This is a book for mature readers that reminds us what a blast immaturity can be.” —People