As Simple as Snow (MP3 CD)

By Gregory Galloway, Scott Brick (Read by)

Blackstone Audiobooks, 9780786183234

Publication Date: March 1, 2005



It begins as a romance between two teenagers searching for a deeper meaning in life in their small town. When the enigmatic Anna--who prefers to go by Anastasia--shows up in the halls of Hamilton High, she changes the narrator's life, opening his mind to Baudelaire and Mozart and revealing a world of magic tricks, ghost stories, and affectionate mind games. Together the couple probe through enchanted woods, the Internet, and everything in between--until, one winter evening a week before Valentine's Day, Anastasia disappears, leaving only a dress on a frozen river. Suddenly alone, the narrator is hit with the weight of life's less playful mysteries, possible signs from the supernatural, and the mystery of what actually happened to his missing love. Determined to find Anna, he begins to retrace their past five months together and finds that the fragments of memory coalesce into haunting revelations. A mesmerizing labyrinth of art, magic, and cryptic codes that sparks the imagination and teases the intellect, As Simple as Snow is a mind-bending mystery, as well as a poignant and wise look at young love, loss, and family.