Lying Crying Dying (Hardcover)

By Dominic Martell

Carroll & Graf, 9780786709557, 240pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2002

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Pascual: His name was legend. A courier for a network of radical groups that spread terror across Europe, he had defected to the enemy, and in the hands of Mossad and the CIA had become the single most damaging secret weapon in their counterterrorist operations. Then he had disappeared. Cadging meals and sleeping in flophouses, Pascual has shed his past in the teeming portside alleys of Barcelona. While he has begun to find something like peace of mind, the man who broke the covert world of international terrorism wide open cannot entirely escape his memories. Neither alcohol nor a plump widow’s fleshly charms enable him to forget the beautiful Katixa, the one terrorist agent he did not betray—and whom he has no hope of ever seeing again. Or so he thinks. On the run from both the police and an ETA band of killers, Katixa bursts back into Pascual’s life with a suitcase full of cash appropriated from the ETA and a one-way ticket out of Spain. She professes her love, and Pascual’s better judgment doesn’t stand a chance. To redeem both their lives, Pascual dusts off his old skills of subterfuge and deceit. The lying has again begun; the crying—and the dying—yet to come. “The thriller nouveau—of deceit, betrayal, tears. It crackles with electricity: one of the very best.”—Lionel Davidson, author of Kolymsky Heights