Neverwinter Campaign Setting: A 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Supplement (Hardcover)

A 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Supplement

By Matt Sernett, Erik Scott De Bie, Ari Marmell

Wizards of the Coast, 9780786958146, 224pp.

Publication Date: August 16, 2011



Reduced to ruins by supernatural cataclysms, Neverwinter rises from the ashes to reclaim its title as the Jewel of the North. Yet even as its citizens return and rebuild, hidden forces pursue their own goals and vendettas, any one of which could tear the city apart.
Neverwinter has long been one of the most popular locations in the Forgotten Realms(r) campaign world. This book presents a complete heroic-tier campaign setting that plunges players into the politics, skullduggery, and peril of a city on the brink of destruction or greatness. A wealth of information about Neverwinter and its environs is provided: maps, quests, encounters, and statistics -- everything a Dungeon Master needs for his heroic tier adventures.

About the Author

MATT SERNETT is a game designer at Wizards of the Coast. His most recent design credits include the "Monster Vault" boxed set (a Dungeons & Dragons Essentials(r) product) and the "Orcs of Stonefang Pass" adventure.

ERIK SCOTT DE BIE has written several Forgotten Realms(r) novels and short stories, as well as adventures for the Dungeons & Dragons Encounters in-store play program.

ARI MARMELL is a freelance game designer and novelist with numerous credits to his name, including the "Dark Sun"(r) "Creature Catalog" supplement and the 4th Edition "Tomb of Horrors" super-adventure."