National Geographic Guide to Birding Hot Spots of the United States (Paperback)

By Mel White, Jonathan Alderfer (Editor)

National Geographic Society, 9780792254836, 319pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 2006



Boasting more than 220 full-color illustrations and maps, this is the perfect practical companion to the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America. A must-have for birders everywhere, it's as useful at home as on the road, pinpointing the best places to see more than 400 species of birds from coast to coast.

Beginners and casual birders will appreciate the introduction on birding basics, which offers expert advice on how to prepare for the field. Then it's on to the heart of the book, organized into thirteen regions from New England to the Southwest. Each section begins with an overview map covering several states and showing major roads and hotspots. Next, each state has separate close-up maps that identify National and State Parks, bird sanctuaries, nature trails, and many other prime birding locations. Entries give clear directions to major sites along with notes on the birds you're likely to find there, the best seasons and time of day to see them, frequent sidebars on subjects of particular interest, and much more. Each state entry closes with a list of additional key places complete with specific contact information. Finally, a comprehensive index cross-references each bird with every site where it can be found.

A veritable pocket atlas of avian information, this guide will be equally useful to the novice just starting a lifelist and the advanced birder in search of an especially elusive species or a new and unique place to enjoy this enormously popular activity.

About the Author

Mel White, a contributing editor to National Geographic Traveler, has been a birder for forty years and is the author of the American Birding Association A Birder's Guide to Arkansas, among other books. Paul Lehman, an ornithologist and avian mapping expert, was chief mapping consultant for the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America and the National Geographic Atlas to the Birds of North America. Jonathan Alderfer, chief consultant for the National Geographic Birding Program, is a respected field ornithologist and one of America's foremost birding artists.