Gone Again Ptarmigan (Hardcover)

By Jonathan London

National Geographic Society, 9780792275619, 32pp.

Publication Date: April 1, 2001



A Year in the Far North

A rainbow of northern lights sparkles in the crisp, cool air. A swirling blizzard coats the ground with snow, and a hungry wolf is on the prowl. Snow-white birds called willow ptarmigan nestle into the drifts -- and disappear.

The autumn sun sets and catches whole mountain ranges afire with light. A fox roams the woods looking for prey. The same birds exchange white feathers for brown and vanish amid rocks and grass.

In this cold northern world, danger stalks the woods and flies the skies. Wolves, bears, foxes, and owls are on the lookout. But the ptarmigan is safe. It can hide in plain view with its seasonal camouflage, its feathers that change with the landscape.

Exquisite art from Jon Van Zyle and lyrical text from Jonathan London showcase the willow ptarmigan, the state bird of Alaska. Through the telling of this bird's story, they bring the whole world around the Arctic Circle magically alive.