The Spirituality of African Peoples (Paperback)

By Peter J. Paris

Augsburg Fortress Publishing, 9780800628543, 194pp.

Publication Date: November 1, 1994



Preeminent black social ethicist Peter Paris sharpens the Afrocentric quest. He focuses on African "spirituality" - the religious and moral values embodied in African experience and pervading traditional African religious worldviews. From extensive comparative research and personal travel, Paris shows how such values were retained and modified in the diaspora, most notably in African American religious and moral thought and practice. Traditional understandings of God, ancestral spirits, tribal community, family belonging, reciprocity, personal destiny and agency, he shows, have not only survived great cultural upheavals but remarkably even been enriched and enlivened. Paris's Pan-African focus, careful scholarship, and eye for ultimate values in varying cultural milieus combine here to model comparative cultural analysis and to clarify the cultural foundations of black ethical life.