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Cover for Changing Horizons

Changing Horizons

Explorations of the Feminist Interpretation

Elisabeth Schussler Fiorenza


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Changing Horizons is the second of two volumes highlighting the ways in which Elisabeth Schssler Fiorenzas work constructs a critical feminist theory and praxis of liberation, in relation to the biblical text and its legacy, and in relation to the theological and ecclesial setting of today. In these essays collected from her extraordinary career, Schssler Fiorenza attempts to free both biblical studies and theology from disciplinary constraints and assumptions that have allowed them to acquiesce and even perpetuate forms of oppressionfrom racism and poverty to colonialism and gender equality.

While Schssler Fiorenzas feminist critical approach begins with the experience of women, that experience is appropriated through the lens of critical theory and a critical understanding of social and religious oppressions. It is, further, political in its aim to dethrone kyriarchal structures and foment genuinely egalitarian community in church and society.

Fortress Press, 9780800698072, 307pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 2013