Ernst Lubitsch: Laughter in Paradise (Paperback)

Laughter in Paradise

By Scott Eyman

Johns Hopkins University Press, 9780801865589, 432pp.

Publication Date: November 30, 2000



When movie lovers speak of the "Lubitsch touch," they refer to a singular sense of style and taste, humor and humanity, that suffused the films of one of Hollywood's greatest directors. In this first ever full-length biography of Ernst Lubitsch, Scott Eyman takes readers behind the scenes of such classic films as "Trouble in Paradise" (1932), "The Merry Widow" (1934), "Bluebeard's Eighth Wife" (1938), "Ninotchka" (1939), "The Shop around the Corner" (1940), "To Be or Not to Be" (1942), and "Heaven Can Wait" (1943), which together constitute one of the most important and influential bodies of work in Hollywood. Eyman examines both the films Lubitsch crafted and the life he lived--his great successes and his overwhelming anxieties--to create an indelible portrait of Hollywood's Golden Age and one of its most respected artists.

About the Author

Scott Eyman is the books editor for the "Palm Beach Post." His other books include "The Speed of Sound: Hollywood and the Talkie Revolution, 1926-1930" and "Print the Legend: The Life and Times of John Ford, " both available in paperback from Johns Hopkins.