The Dancer from Khiva: One Muslim Woman's Quest for Freedom (Paperback)

One Muslim Woman's Quest for Freedom

By Bibish, Andrew Bromfield (Translator)

Grove Press, Black Cat, 9780802170507, 176pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2008



An unflinchingly honest memoir, "The Dancer from Khiva" is a true story that offers remarkable insights into Central Asian culture through the harrowing experiences of a young girl.
In a narrative that flows like a late-night confession, Bibish recounts her story. Born to an impoverished family in a deeply religious village in Uzbekistan, Bibish was named Hadjarbibi in honor of her grandfather's hadj, or pilgrimage to Mecca. But the holy name did not protect her from being gang-raped at the age of eight and left for dead in the desert. Bibish's tenacity helped her survive, but in the coming years, that same tough-spiritedness caused her to be beaten, victimized, and ostracized from her family and community. Despite the seeming hopelessness of being a woman in such a cruelly patriarchal society, Bibish secretly cultivated her own dreams--of dancing, of raising a family, and of telling her story to the world.
The product of incredible resilience and spirit, "The Dancer from Khiva" is a harrowing, clear-eyed dispatch from a land where thousands of such stories have been silenced. It is a testament to Bibish's fierce will and courage: the searing, fast-paced tale of a woman who risked everything.